Resources / Estuary Data

The waterways and estuaries of Western Australia are monitored extensively by the Western Australian State Government. For the Peel-Harvey estuary the data is available to the general public and may be accessed from:

  1. The Department of Water Water Information Reporting (WIR) page. This includes hydrological and water quality data.
  2. The Department of Transport tide data page. This includes tide data collected at Mandurah and nearby.
  3. Also refer to the PHE History page for links to older data and information.

The data includes physical, chemical and biological properties of water, including salinity, oxygen, nutrients and algae. Most data has been collected regularly (e.g. weekly) since 1995. Other data has also been collected on ecological character of the system by researchers within State Government and local Universities. Many other datasets have also been collected prior to this or in parallel, and are summarised in the below table.