Overview/ Project Partners

This 3-year project, which began in February 2016, is supported by the Australian Research Council Linkage Program (LP150100451) and nine collaborating agencies. It is led by Murdoch University in Western Australia (WA).

Our focus is on collaboration and connection. The project brings together:

  • expertise in ecology, hydrology, biogeochemistry, modelling and socio-economics across the catchment-estuarine system;
  • four universities, including within WA (Murdoch University; The University of Western Australia), New South Wales (Southern Cross University) and the United Kingdom (University of Hull, UK);
  • five industry partner organisations, spanning WA State Government departments (Department of the Premier and Cabinet; Department of Water), WA local governments (City of Mandurah; Shire of Murray) and WA natural resource management groups (Peel-Harvey Catchment Council).

Key Research Organisations

  • Murdoch University
  • Southern Cross University
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Hull (UK)

Funding Partners & Sponsors

  • City of Mandurah
  • PHCC
  • Shire of Murray
  • Department of Premier & Cabinet
  • DOW
  • Australian Research Council